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Christmas for Little Ones
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Else Christine?utm source=webpage?utm source=webpage?utm source=webpage Celebrates Christmas

Name Celebrates Christmas

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A Beautiful Christmas Book for the Youngest Readers!

This personalized children's book is for all small children, and their families, who love Christmas. Our excited hero has lots of fun with festive activities, throughout December, leading up to Christmas Day. What could be more wonderful for a child than spending Christmas time together with the adults that love them.

Our little hero makes their own Christmas decorations, build a snowman and bakes tasty Christmas cookies. Taking a trip to the forest, the family choose the finest Christmas tree, to take home and decorate. How exciting that Santa is coming very soon! Our little hero leaves some tasty treats for Santa and the reindeer. On Christmas morning, they jump out of bed to find all their presents are waiting under the tree for them.

Create lovely memories of a child's Christmas time with this beautiful keepsake, This personalized Christmas book is perfect for children aged 0-4 years old. The child is actively involved in the reading with interactive text.

Author: Anna Dybdal
Author: Helena Joy

Age Group
0 to 4 years
24 pages
delivery time
8 working days
In Stock
In Stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr

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